Literary Conference Time!

3 years ago, one conversation sparked a crazy idea.

A conference of Muslim women writers and authors. Academics, novelists and more. Pioneering into a gateway of literature, branding themselves as women of faith through their names, themes and literary identities.

The Daybreak Press Annual Muslim Women’s Literary Conference was born.

Our first year was held at the George Memorial Library in Houston, TX. Then, the University of Houston. Both times, women took the podium to talk about taking back our narrative. They spoke passionately, voices mixing into the pulsating vibes of academia, weaving through towering shelves of books and landing on eager minds.

70 days to go until our 3rd conference. We’ll be back again at the University of Houston. Ready to tackle conversations of culture, politics, race and gender. Ready to take back our narratives as women of faith. Ready to share the word and help raise women’s voices.

See our highly esteemed panel list and secure your seat at HERE

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